Today marks a huge milestone for our partnership with Spike Chunsoft as we launch AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES boxed edition alongside the Special Agent Edition packed full of goodies!

Players assume the role of Special Agent Kaname Date in a near-future Tokyo setting on his mission to apprehend the culprit behind a mysterious series of murders. AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES is an excellent example where indie-like innovation and high production value come together to show us that the creative minds in the games industry are still whirring away!

Crime scene investigations alternate between searching for clues in the real world and diving deeper into timed dreamscapes reminiscent of Zero Escape’s puzzle rooms. You can get a comprehensive explanation of the game on Spike Chunsoft’s awesome game page here.

“AI: the Somnium Files winds up being a fun, thrilling, and engaging experience . . . AI’s unconventional detective story is one you won’t soon forget.”

Gamespot – 16th September 2019

We are overjoyed that AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES has already been well received, rocking solid 8/10s reviews from the likes of Gamespot, Nintendo Life and Trusted Reviews.

Recreating the masterfully crafted Special Agent Edition for Europe in time for the global launch of AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES was a monumental task taken on by the teams at Numskull Games, Spike Chunsoft and our manufacturing partners. We are so thankful for everyone who played a part in making this happen. When our first completed copies of the Special Agent Edition arrived in the office this morning, it was clear everyone’s efforts had been absolutely worth it.

We’re looking forward to showing it off in an unboxing video very soon!

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