Numskull Games may be a new venture but videogames are a familiar landscape to our team. It’s an exciting prospect heading into the year with open hearts looking for games to fall in love with.

We’ve seen an extraordinary amount of games over our time of every genre. From large studios to independent developers, we review projects the same way. You can have the sharpest graphics, the most expansive maps and an 80 hour campaign but these are the parts we focus on:

Something new.

We love seeing games that were once a wild idea materialised in the hands of their creator. Innovation is a huge driving force behind the industry and genres have been defined games and mods coded in bedrooms because there was a will to explore. With so much accessible technology available to us in the present day there’s never been a better time let the imaginations of game developers run free.

Something better.

With new styles of games emerging all the time there is always room to enhance, improve and grow. We have all played our favourite games and thought if we had the ability to call the shots, what could we do better? Iterating and building upon these experiences have lead to the expertly refined games in the market today. New controls, gameplay mechanics, visual flair, or progression systems can be the spark that breathes new life into established formulas.

Something personal.

Lastly we look for games with a heart and soul. Games made by passionate creators for the love of the craft shine the brightest. Heartwarming stories, beautifully painted visuals or engrossing characters can captivate the world. Videogames can be wonderfully expressive pieces of art and a medium for sharing experiences and emotions.

If you feel your project has been based on one of these principles, we would love to hear from you. Check out the developer area for more details on how to reach us.

Thank you for reading and happy developing!

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