It’s been six (and a bit) months since our presence was announced in March and we have been busy little bees. Before we dive into the second half of 2019’s release schedule, we thought we ought to look back at what the team has put together so far!

Fun! Fun! Animal Park – Nintendo Switch – 31st May 2019

Our debut title to hit the shelves was none other than the family-friendly party mini-game compilation Fun! Fun! Animal Park on Nintendo Switch. This is a title for making the most out of your Switch’s JoyCon controllers with a stable-full of animal themed motion-minigames. Perfect for children (and the youngest at heart).

Cytus Alpha – Nintendo Switch – 12th July 2019

Cytus Alpha was the first project in our partnership with PM Studios, who are a fantastic at seeking out exceptional titles and welcoming them to the physical world with boxed editions. Cytus Alpha: Collector’s Edition in particular caught our eye with its shiny bonus soundtrack featuring a broad selection of music from the game. If you haven’t guessed already this is a (critically-acclaimed!) rhythm-action title from a tremendously experienced developer named Rayark, creators of VOEZ & Deemo. Boasting 200 songs and many contemporary features of the genre, Cytus Alpha is an excellent choice for players looking to dive deeper into rhythm action.

Horizon Chase Turbo – Nintendo Switch – 26th July 2019

Inspired by the retro-racing days of the 90s comes Horizon Chase Turbo, bringing a modern fairing to the nostalgic format. Everything is up to speed in the features department including 4 game modes, 1-4 player couch coop and soundtrack composed by Barry Leitch (Top Gear & Rush) to fuel your blast from the past sessions. Horizon Chase Turbo is the second title brought to us by PM Studios and is available now on Nintendo Switch with a bonus postcard in the box. Hold on tight for the PlayStation 4 boxed edition in November which may also be coming with an extra little goody!

Rogue GlitchSteam – 14th August 2019

Is there a better game to kick-start our Steam catalogue and embrace indie PC gaming than an early access online roguelite? Lino Slahuschek’s latest project challenges players to put their agility and finesse to the test in his platform-focused roguelite. We had an absolute blast playing the pre-alpha of Rogue Glitch submitted via our website’s application form and have enjoyed seeing how quickly it’s evolving. With megabytes of mutations and augmentations in the item pool, every run is a fresh experience. Expect bang-for-your-buck here at £6.99 on Steam now.

CRYSTAR – PlayStation 4 – 30th August 2019

CRYSTAR marks our first release in partnership with the influential development and publishing studio Spike Chunsoft, Japan. Known for their innovation and originality, CRYSTAR is no exception when in comes to Spike Chunsoft’s line-up of 2019 titles. It’s an AJRPG that follows Rei into Purgatory to save her sister who she may have accidentally killed in a conflict with otherworldly attackers. Grief becomes strength and acquaintances become allies in the battle to find her sister. Don’t hold back the tears in this one!

AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – Nintendo Switch & PlayStation 4 – 20th September 2019

Hot off the press is AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES, a sci-fi murder mystery following protagonist Kaname Date’s pursuit of a serial killer. Of course, no Spike Chunsoft title would be complete without a splash of peculiarity. With his AI companion Aiba, Date is able to enter the dreams of key witnesses and suspects to uncover the deeper secrets of the mind. These dreams take the form of puzzle sequences similar to the escape rooms of Yusuke Uchikoshi’s past titles in the Zero Escape series. This is a must-try for fans of high-quality Japanese games! And for the collectors out there we’re also publishing the prestigious Special Agent Edition. Grab one before they are gone forever.

That about wraps up our releases so far for 2019. There’s many more games coming this year both from Spike Chunsoft, PM Studios and independent developers so stay tuned!