EGX’s yearly event Rezzed is a top choice for seeing what’s up and coming in the world of indie videogames, meeting new faces from the development scene and catching up with old friends.

We escaped the office and did exactly that.

Hosted in one of most charming exhibition locations, Tobacco Dock London, EGX Rezzed is a compact show that offers a lot more than demo sessions. The event focuses on development, building bridges and sharing knowledge.

EGX are doing the industry a fantastic service by continuing to invest in and expand this annual event that brings together developers, publishers, journalists and influencers in such a friendly and supportive fashion. If you’re making games you should absolutely be placing yourself here once a year. As a show-goer you have access to a phenomenal amount of stuff that can benefit your projects in many ways. Just look at this lot!

Of course, when you are ready to showcase your game there are few better places than Rezzed to get instant feedback from a bunch of people who know their stuff.

This time next year we’ll likely be rocking a Numskull Games stand, so if you’re interested in partnering, drop us a line!