Got questions about what Numskull Games can do for your game? Step this way and we’ll give you a few answers.

Interested in Numskull Games, but want a bit more information about what exactly we can bring to the table? No problem, we’ve got that covered. Here’s a brief summary of the things we’re looking to do when it comes to being your new publishing partner:

  • Yes, we can invest in development to help you achieve your vision depending on how much is needed. We’re also more than open to investing in IP for the right projects.
  • Hitting multiple platforms is best! We’re keen to sign games that are coming to as many platforms as possible, with a focus on consoles over PC. Simultaneous shipping on all platforms is preferred, and exclusivity is possible in the right situation. Every project is different, so we’re open to discussion in every sense.
  • We’re not developers ourselves, but we have plenty of partners who are. If you’ve got the creation of your game covered but need some help with the finer details of console development (or even need someone to help port it for you), we can help. Conversely, if you want a leg-up getting on board with platform holders or need console tools, we’re here for that too.
  • We strongly believe in localisation – more languages in a game expands the reach it has, allowing more people to play what you’ve made. We can help make that happen, and have extensive experience knowing which languages to aim for.
  • We’ll never tell you how to make your game, but we’re always on hand to offer feedback where it’s wanted. Extra pairs of eyes on a project can sometimes lead to valuable thoughts on everything from design to accessibility; we’re here at every stage of development for advice and ultimately want your game to be the best it can be.
  • Yes, we’re still keen to talk if you’ve got a great game that’s already been published. We believe in boxed product on a global scale, and our ties with Numskull Design mean we can do more than just vanilla releases. Special editions and limited releases are right up our street, so the opportunities are there for the right games.

If all of that piques your interest and you think Numskull Games is the partner for you, then feel free to get in touch. We’re only a short application form away.

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