Platform: Steam  |  Release Date: 14th August 2019  |  Players: 1-4 (Online)|  Region: Worldwide

Rogue Glitch is platforming focused roguelite experience now available on Steam Early Access. Our humble hero’s game has become a target for an ominous entity who is warping levels, items and enemies to create a glitchworld.

Packed into the Early Access build of Rogue Glitch are over 80 unique items, 7 upgradeable characters each with unique properties and a narrative told through a lovable villain on completion events. Movement and combat has been tuned for a platformer’s palette allowing player finesse to take on a deadly form. Multiple jumps, ground stomps, wall slides and glides are at your disposable and enhanceable with items. Collect stat boosters and projectile modifications to evolve your pixel-shooter to a force of destruction to delete the inhabitants of the glitchworld run after run with 1-4 players.


  • Online Multiplayer – Connect with friends and take on the glitchworld together! Earn progress toward your personal save
  • Perfect Platforming – Master the dynamic movement of the Rogue Glitch characters to destroy enemies in style
  • An Evolving Experience – With procedurally generated levels and an ever-expanding arsenal of items, each run is it’s own fresh challenge
  • Be Part Of The Game – Throughout the development of Rogue Glitch, we’ll be taking ideas and suggestions for new characters and items from the community!

Rogue Glitch © 2019 Lino Slahuschek. All rights reserved. Licensed to and published by Numskull Games Limited.